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Welcome to voco™ Monaco Dubai


voco™ Monaco Dubai is more than just a seaside resort. It’s everything an exciting French Riviera destination can possibly be. One of a cluster of hotels of paradise resorts surrounded by picture-perfect sands and boundless panoramas inThe Heart of Europe, World Islands, Dubai. A vibrant spot to soak up the exuberant party life – day and night. A pristine beachfront that delivers a delectable menu to indulge in.

Kick-start your exceptional party experience right from the moment you step foot on a boat on your way to the islands. You’ll be pulled into the pulsating energy, mesmerising hues, and panoramic views.

Immerse yourself in this Mediterranean beach and boat lifestyle. Stay in the comforts of well-appointed rooms. Surrender to the non-stop chill and party vibe at the suites. Enjoy the stunning views of the sea and the Dubai skyline from majestic balconies.



Our aim is to create voco™ Monaco Dubai as a one-of-a-kind attraction for party lovers. Offering sun and beach, throbbing with glitz and glamour, alive day and night. To give shape to this dream, we’ve collaborated with the Kleindienst Group, the UAE’s most trusted investment partner. Starting as an investment company and property brokerage in Austria and Hungary three decades ago, they’ve now widened their expertise to property development and construction, coral engineering, business centres, boat building, hospitality and sustainable energy.

Come prepared to lose yourself in a getaway beyond compare and create memories.


"The hotel that never sleeps and where the party never stops."
Josef Kleindienst, Chairman, Kleindienst Group